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TheZestOfLife.com: A fresh and exciting food blog, born from a simple idea, sought out Optimize Craft to transform its vision into reality. With creativity and precision, Optimize Craft meticulously crafted a brand profile, designed a versatile logo, and curated a captivating feel that now defines TheZestOfLife.com’s new image moving forward. But that’s not all! Recognizing the importance of mobile users, we’ve also implemented additional systems to cater to the blog’s nearly 84% mobile audience.


Maddie Names, a seasoned realtor based in Washington State, sought out Optimize Craft to enhance her existing branding and bring it to life. Although she had most of her branding elements in place, she needed expert assistance to create a fully featured website. Leveraging the branding she provided, we crafted a dynamic and engaging website that showcases her real estate services effectively.


Trinity NW Realty Group is a professional real estate team based in Puyallup, Washington. They approached us with specific requirements for their website, aiming to enhance their online presence, streamline their operations, and provide an excellent user experience for both clients and team members.


Clint, a client of ours who had a library of video content that was not being fully utilized, reached out to us for help. We immediately recognized the potential of this untapped resource and decided to optimize it by creating a designated web page that acted as a virtual classroom course. By organizing this content in such a way, we were able to provide a valuable resource to potential leads, as well as creating valuable SEO content for Clint’s website. We strategically placed call-to-action buttons throughout the page that would direct interested viewers to leave their contact information. This not only helped us collect leads for Clint, but it also created a platform to maintain communication with these leads and potentially convert them into long-term clients. As a result of this project, Clint’s website saw an increase in organic leads.


Optimize Craft was delighted to work on Friendsafter40.com, a new project that required a membership-focused website. The client had a clear vision and wanted to appeal to a specific audience with shared interests. Our challenge was to create a website that was user-friendly, lively, and supported events and automated monthly renewals for members. We also ensured that the website had optimal SEO performance for the client’s service. We are proud of the final product, which we think is a great-looking and user-friendly website that meets the client’s needs.


Dr Simmons wanted to redesign her website with a specific vision in mind. She had already chosen the colors and branding that suited her style and personality. Optimizecraft worked closely with her to create a website that showcased her expertise and services. The website served as a platform for her to connect with her clients and offer them various programs and solutions as a practicing doctor.


Tom Simmons is a Loan Officer with extensive experience and a clear vision for his online presence. He wanted a website that would showcase his expertise and differentiate him from other mortgage brokers in the market. We designed a logo from scratch that matched his vision and created a striking color scheme. We also researched the types of loans that he specialized in and developed custom pages for each one to enhance SEO and visibility.